The Finding Our Roots Museum features exhibits from various aspects of life for African Americans in the Terrebonne, Lafourche,  St. Mary and Assumption Parishes:

Georgetown Slave Memorial

Our newest exhibition covers the Georgetown University Slave Sale. This event is important to the African American residents of Houma and surrounding parishes for many are descendants of the 272 slaves sold to save Georgetown University from its mounting debt. Examine the ship manifests, photographs other documents of the trade. Events have been held in conjunction with Georgetown University.


Early Life

Exhibits cover life during slavery and reconstruction.   Learn about the instruments used to live on the plantations and the life during slavery. Exhibits cover the Underground Railroad and the various uprisings that took place. Learn about life after slavery ended and the various contributions of African Americans to the area and the country.

Civil Rights Movement

Learn about the civil rights movement. Several Well-known civil rights activists such as Elmer “Geronimo” Pratt are from the area.  Exhibits cover their lives and accomplishments during a trying time period.



Finding Our Roots Museum was built on the site of an African American School. It is only fitting to teach you about education in the area before the end of segregation.

The People

Learn about the various African Americans from the 3 parishes who have served our country’s military  from the Revolutionary War to the present. Join us in honoring the accomplishments of African American inventors from our area. Learn about the various musicians from our area, who have and continue to contribute to our culture.  See the importance of religion in daily life for it cannot be understated.